Mr. Prashant Kadhao

Greetings, Tech Enthusiasts!
As the Creator and CEO of
PSK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Prolific Webcoder IT Services

I am Prashant Kadhao,
Leading an innovative team committed to pushing technological frontiers, I have a strong enthusiasm for innovation and a clear vision for turning ideas into reality.

Experienced IT Leader and Company Founder

Founder and Director Of Two IT Companies.
Vast IT experience: 17+ years.
Running Company From Last 13 years.
Expertise across IT domains.
Proven track record of innovation.
Strong client relationships.

Placed 2000+ Interns in top companies

Broad Network: Being able to put interns at esteemed firms is made possible by having a large network of leading companies.

Proven Track Record: With more than 2000 interns placed successfully, it shows a steady capacity to pair applicants with appropriate jobs.

Tailored Internship Programs: These internships are designed to meet the requirements of organizations and interns alike, guaranteeing a win-win situation.

Industry Connections: Access to internship opportunities in a variety of areas is facilitated by strong relationships with industry leaders.

Support for Career Development: In addition to job placements, providing mentorship and advice gives interns the know-how and abilities they need to succeed in the long run.

Public Speaker, and self-mastery

coach who has empowered countless individuals,transformed countless lives.

Support interns in start up for businesses

guide on a path of personal and professional excellence, shares his expertise on personal growth, mindset shifts, and achieving holistic well-being.

Succesfully completed 500+ projects

500+ projects accomplished.

Varied industries and domains covered.

Demonstrated expertise in diverse project types.

Consistent client satisfaction.

Timely delivery of projects.

Innovative solutions provided.

Effective team collaboration.

High-quality standards maintained.

Scalability in handling multiple projects.

Industry recognition for excellence.

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